GSM is the measurement used when weighing paper sheet sizes.

  • Stands for: Grams per square meter
  • What it does: Allows print buyers and print suppliers to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being ordered.
  • What it means: Higher GSM number means heavier paper.
  • How to determine what thickness to use: Thicker does not necessarily mean better for packaging - use thinner packaging like paperboard if you want something light and easier to fold and thicker packaging like corrugated fiberboard if you want something sturdy and resistant to impact. 

Examples of GSM in daily life:

  • 35-55 GSM = newspaper
  • 90-100 GSM = A4 printing paper (standard = 80 GSM)
  • 120-140 GSM = thin flyers
  • 200-300 GSM = premium flyers
  • 350-400 GSM = business card

Here are some examples of reference:

PC: Letterpress Paper

PC: Banana-Print

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