SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate)

  • Use: used for packaging food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, baked items, tobacco, personal care items, etc.
  • Made from: Chemically pulped and bleached fibers refined and formed into boxes.
  • Characteristics: Finest quality for product packaging, most popular and highest grade, white surfaces inside and outside which can be coated, allows for special processes such as embossing/debossing/hot foil stamping/spot UV printing due to the superior grade quality.

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CCNB (Clay Coated News Backboard)

  • Use: Low-cost folding carton packaging, used for dry food/pet food/laundry detergent packaging.
  • Made from: Blend of recycled newsprint, mixed secondary paper, and old corrugated containers.
  • Characteristics: Lower strength and printing quality output, absorbs large amounts of water when put in contact.

PC: Duplex Paper Board

CCKB (Clay Coated Kraft Back)

  • Use: Produces brighter, sharper images when used in printing from clay coating
  • Made from: Produced by the kraft pulping process, manufactured on a fine paper machine, and coated with clay either on the paper machine or on an off machine clay coater.
  • Characteristics: Brown with clay coating, provides a very consistent surface and good dimensional stability because the clay fills the gaps between fibres in the paper improving smoothness of paper.

PC: BM Paper

Kraft Paper

  • Use: Used for many industrial and commercial applications because of its strength for packing/wrapping/bundling/void fill.
  • Made from: Paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process.
  • Characteristics: Strong and relatively coarse, high tensile strength, brown.

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