A void filler is the material that goes around the product that fills the rest of the inside of your box. Void fill helps keep your product in place, preventing it from being rattling around and becoming broken. Void fillers are usually used for one of the four categories:

  • Cushioning: to prevent scuffing and provide a soft layer of protection. Crinkle paper and packing peanuts are most often used as they have a damping effect when the shipping container is shaken. Best used for more delicate elements.
  • Moldable Product Protection: often used for glass objects and other fragile materials, consists in wrapping products individually before placing them in the shipping container. The most common used filler for this purpose is bubble wrap or more eco-friendly alternatives such as corrugated wrap.
  • Blocking and Bracing: as the name suggests, used to hold the product in place in the shipping container. Examples for this type of filler include kraft paper and air pillows, as they tend to retain their shape to limit a product's mobility inside a box. This type of void filler is better suited for more durable objects.
  • Presentation: used to add a finishing touch to your shipment such as or simply to showcase your brand's individuality. This type of use is mainly esthetic, so it caters to every type of object as it's there to be rather pretty than protective. A common examples is tissue paper.

PackMojo only uses paper based void fillers. Another type of void filler used by PackMojo are box inserts, you can read more about them here.

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