A hexidecimal code (abbreviated as HEX code) is a combination of letters and numbers preceded by a hashtag which indicates a certain color in the RGB color model. It is comprised of six characters (after the hashtag) where the first two digits indicate the amount of red in the color, the middle two indicate the amount of green in said color, and the last two indicate the amount of blue. These can be seen as the red, green, and blue pair respectively. It is used exclusively on screens unlike Pantone which is used in print.

Hex codes ultimately label every color that your electronic device (usually a computer) can produce, which is around 16 million color combinations. It uses the hexadecimal system which can seem quite tricky at first but the easiest HEX codes are #000000 (black) and #FFFFFF (white). Essentially FF is the maximum amount of color a pair can have and 00 is the lowest amount of color possible. So, for instance, the color red is labelled as #FF0000 since it doesn't contain any blue or green.

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