Standard Boxes
MOQ is 30 for our standard mailer boxes and folding carton box sizes.

Custom Boxes
MOQ is 100 boxes for a custom sized mailer box or folding carton box.

Custom Inserts
MOQ is 300 for custom paper inserts. If you will be ordering boxes with these inserts, the MOQ will also be 300.

Rigid Boxes
MOQ is 300 for custom rigid boxes. This includes rigid boxes with a separate lid + base, rigid boxes with a magnetic closure, and foldable rigid boxes.

Tray and Sleeve Boxes
MOQ is 300 for tray and sleeve boxes.

Paper Poly Mailers
MOQ is 300 for paper poly mailers.

Other Custom Boxes/Packaging
MOQ will depend on the complexity of your packaging! Let us know what you're looking for and we'll get back to you soon.

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